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In a world where visual kei is incredibly popular, in a somewhat shitty part of Shibuya, there's an underground club full of debauchery, violence...? and rather strange behaviour frequented by no other than vkei guys. The comic (Which I will do soon hopefully lol) chronicles the various exploits and mishaps these stupid guys (and the violent barmaid) get into.

A strange continent, fighting fate, eldritch 'dragons' which threaten everything known and... a child King Arthur protected by Fenris in a maid costume? Historical and mythological figures are revived, known as legends, and forced into a bloody fight against humans and 'terrible serpents'. Arthur, a legend destined to become one of these dragons, enlists the help of the somewhat suicidal legend Fenris, known as Chienne, in order to find a way to stop this curse.

It's 2XXX, overpopulation is a serious issue and there's only one solution and its called: opening portals to another dimension and sending convicts, and maybe a bit more than convicts (shhhh) there to forget about them! Cut past the unethical experiments to unlock a hidden power- Imperium- to almost a decade later, said portals tear open and aliens hellbent on killing humans spill through. As punishment, the creator of these portals, Crow, is revived and forced to control a volatile group of children who themselves are forced to curb this alien outbreak.