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- Read the rules below

- Contact me on one of my social medias

- Fill out the form if slots are available and send !

Will Do Won't Do
Human/oids Ferals
Flat Face Furries NSFW, fetish, gore
Light Mecha/Armor Hate speech
Couples(may be difficult) Shota, Loli, Trap

- My art turnaround is 2-8 weeks, do not commission me if youre not comfortable with this

- To Do List

- I usually work like Fullbodies > Customs > Pixels > Chibis


Don't use my art commercially !

I need a clear reference to work from, nothing written, especially if its fanart

Unless said otherwise, pay upfront in full in USD or GBP and it must be sent in 24 hours, if unsure what currency to send feel free to ask me

Refunds won't be given once the sketch (WIP available on Trello) is done

Feel free to ask for updates on your commission, but don't do it everyday

A charge back will result in instant black listing

Due to my shading style, colours will be darker old example

If I don't publicly post your art feel free to post it yourself as long as I'm creditted ! You can post my art on other sites as long as proper credit is given.

Feel free to ask for WIPs as long as it says 'WIP Available' on your trello card